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No Sales Quotas

First, we take a personalized and individualized approach to every search assignment. Unlike other search firms, we are not concerned with meeting sales quotas. We are driven to improve the lives and legal careers of those we represent. Our focus is on people and creating long term, amiable, mutually beneficial relationships in the legal community.

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Recruiters with Practical Legal Experience

As former legal professionals including attorneys and paralegals, our experienced recruiters are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to appreciate the inner workings of the legal profession. Our melded experience and personalized approach provides for a functional expertise to legal recruiting. It enables us to be more adept at establishing the relationships necessary to uncover crucial factors for a successful attorney search and placement. In addition, it empowers us to effectively recruit, and communicate legal opportunities to, top-notch attorney and executive candidates with the characteristics that mutually align in terms of job requirements, experience, legal skills, personality, career goals and culture.
Integrated Efficient, Effective Team Environment

We foster an integrated, collaborative, team working environment. Larger, multi-disciplinary search firms focus purely on numbers and closing deals and by so doing promote competition in the workplace. Recruiters are rewarded purely on numbers. At BPS recruiters tackle positions together with the common goal of making a good fit and placing the right attorney in the right environment that will be long lasting. By implementing a true team working environment, BPS recruiters are able to offer more efficient and effective legal search services than our competitors.
Ethical and Confidential

Our small size provides candidates with security in maintaining confidentiality. Candidates are assured that their search is 100% confidential and that their identifying information is protected. Candidate information is released to potential legal opportunities only with candidate permission.
What does it all mean for you? Superior Results and Lasting Legal Placements

Collectively, these factors illustrate that BPS recruiters have unique insight into the legal profession, the practice of law and the legal market today. We are personally and passionately driven in our pursuit to help and believe in relationship building and customer service as opposed to sales quotas, numbers of placements, and dollar signs. BPS offers the highest ethical standards in the industry while maintaining strict confidentiality. We provide a highly specialized, personalized and individualized approach to making attorney placements that are a solid match ensuring a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between the candidate and the client. The BPS approach significantly reduces the search to placement cycle and can save thousands of dollars in costs associated with the hiring process.

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